profile picture Lukas Hasiba

Music & sound are omnipresent.

Sounds and music play an important role in influencing how we feel and perceive our surroundings. Hearing is what makes our experiences more vivid and memorable.

The use of dedicated sound and music can help you make a product or story more comprehensible, tangible, and emotionally engaging.

In spite of tight deadlines, Lukas is able to complement a wide variety of projects with passionately composed music and carefully placed sound design to create powerful, convincing results every time.


music composition

Awaking emotions, telling stories, making our hearts beat faster. There’s just something magical about music that moves us. Purpose-made soundtracks let your video speak even more directly to the audience.

Sound design

Whether small nuances or brute soundscapes, sound design brings the world of video to life and throws the viewer directly into the action. Carefully placed sounds and effects support the story by making important details audible.

audio post

The audio world certainly has many facets that are not always easy to keep track of. Different end formats from cinema to TV require different approaches in post-production.

the studio

Welcome to the cockpit. The studio, with all its possibilities for creating, monitoring and optimizing sounds, is the technical heart of every audio production.

This is where convincing compositions for moving images, fancy jingles for commercials, and lively sound design for unique projects are created. 

studio desk
studio overview
studio sofa